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I called you at probably the worst point in my life. Jimmy and I were facing wage garnishment from the IRS for taxes owed from years ago and we were at our wit’s end about what to do. So I called my cousin Joey and you listened to me, asked me some questions and told me what you would do to help us. Best of all, you didn’t yell at me for having 11 years unfiled taxes and getting into this mess in the first place. You were understanding at a time when I needed that – we were sure we were going to lose everything. After I called you, I felt such a sense of relief that I was finally doing something about this problem. I didn’t know what to expect but I was so relieved to put the mess in someone else’s hands. You stopped the wage garnishment right away, got all our back taxes done and helped us file our offer in compromise which reduced our $88,000 debt down to $1,200. That was like a miracle!! I don’t know how to express how grateful we are to you. You will always be my favorite cousin and I love you – thank you SO MUCH for what you did!

Debbie S. – Missouri